Temple Baptist Church, Sullivan, Missouri

Our Leadership

PERRY, SCOTT; (Staff)113

Senior Pastor

G. Scott Perry | (573) 468-8044 ext. 13 | scott@tbcsullivan.com

Scott Perry is the Senior Pastor of TBC.  He is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and has served as Pastor of TBC for 29 years. Scott provides spiritual and administrative leadership and oversees all aspects of ministry and church development. Additionally, Scott serves as the chaplain of Missouri Baptist Hospital in Sullivan, MO.


TANNER, CRAIG; (Staff)37

Executive Pastor

Craig Tanner | (573) 468-8044 ext. 12 | craig@tbcsullivan.com

Craig Tanner serves as the Executive Pastor of TBC with a focused attention on education, discipleship, and administration. Craig has a Bachelor’s degree in Religion from Missouri Baptist University and a Master’s in Divinity from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and has served on staff at TBC for over 17 years. In addition, Craig has taught Old and New Testament at Missouri Baptist University’s Regional Learning Center in Franklin County for over eight years.


PERRY, BRADLEY; (Staff)131

 Associate Pastor

Bradley Perry | (573) 468-8044 ext. 14 | brad@tbcsullivan.com

Bradley Perry serves as the Associate Pastor at TBC.  Having been on staff for 10 years, Brad gives oversight and leadership to the worship ministry and praise team as well as the student and missions ministries of the church. Brad has a Bachelors in Worship Arts from Missouri Baptist University and a Masters Degree at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


CENTER, GENE; (Staff)85

Administrative Assistant & Children’s Director

Mary Ann Center | (573) 468-8044 ext. 10 | maryann@tbcsullivan.com

Mary Ann Center has been on staff at TBC for over 16 years, serving as the church Administrative Assistant.  In addition, she serves as the treasurer of the church and the church financial secretary.  Mary Ann also takes an active role in overseeing and leading our Children’s Ministry and regularly teaches weekday Bible Studies for women. Mary Ann and her husband Gene lead the children’s church ministry on Sunday mornings.




Marilynn Wright | (573) 468-8044 ext. 11 | marilynn@tbcsullivan.com

Marilynn Wright has served as our church receptionist for over 8 years. She provides clerical support in the church office and teaches a small group on Sunday mornings.





Gordon Heumann | (573) 468-8044 | tbc@tbcsullivan.com

Gordon Heumann has been the custodian of Temple Baptist Church for 21 years.  He takes care of the general appearance, cleanliness, maintenance and security of the buildings and grounds of TBC.



REEVES, MIKE; (Staff)114

Child Care Coordinator

Leigh Ann Reeves | (573) 860-2329 | tbc@tbcsullivan.com

Leigh Ann Reeves is our Child Care Coordinator. She organizes and provides care for infants, babies, toddlers, and children (Birth-K) during regular church meeting times and special church events.



PERRY, SCOTT; (Staff)110

Choir Director

Kathy Perry | (573) 468-8044 | perrykbp@gmail.com

Kathy Perry has been directing the Choir ministry of Temple Baptist Church for over 7 years. In addition she is an accompaniment pianist for the church and teaches Sunday School in the children’s department.



HUITT, J.D.; (Staff)67

 iXL Academy Director

Hannah Huitt | (573) 468-8044 | hannah@tbcsullivan.com

Hannah is the director of our iXL Academy Preschool and After School Programs. She has taught in the public school system for over 10 years and has a degree in elementary education along with a certification in elementary education and special education in cross categorical disabilities. She has directed iXL Academy for the last three years and teaches in one of the preschool classrooms.


Board of Directors

Ted Logan – President
Vice President, Personnel Chairman
Ryan Record Secretary of the Board
 – Buildings and Grounds Chairman
Finance Chairman
Jason Alexander – Member at Large
Ted Moore – Deacon Chairman
Scott Perry – Ex Officio
Craig Tanner – Ex Officio
Brad Perry – Ex Officio
Mary Ann Center – Ex Officio


Personnel Committee:  Jason Alexander, Glen Carter

Finance Committee:  John Hewkin, Kevin Koch, Beau Bartolatta

Buildings and Grounds Committee:  Gene Martin, Matt Donner, Jeff Strauser

Nominating Committee: Chara Schatz, Don Fink, Chuck Cuneio, Linda Magruder, Michael Morgan, Kendall Center


Seasonal Decorations – Lynn Hewkin
Food Service – Norma Wilson
Transportation – Leon Morgan
MRT – Harvey Doyle
Small Groups –
Vacation Bible School – Evie Weaver
Technology – Michael Morgan
Media – Christopher Wright
Greeters & Ushers – J.T. Hardy
Security – Ted Logan
Children’s Ministry – Mary Ann Center
Associational Board – Kenny Mastin