A Lasting Legacy

Growth, Generosity, and Good Stewardship


A debt-free church means more ministry opportunities. We can be more generous as a church with future ministry and mission endeavors. 


Building maintenance, large scale renovations, and expansion. Our buildings and grounds are currently sufficient for ministry needs, but as they age and as we grow, the need for renovation, repair, and expansion will become more evident. Our options are limited while we remain in debt. 

Good Stewarship

Eliminating debt saves money. We are paying thousands of dollars in interest each year, funds that could be used for ministry. For example, paying our debt in four years as opposed to ten years would save TBC well over $100,000.

Our Mission & Vision

About Lasting Legacy

Lasting Legacy (formally know at CTB or Challenge to Build) is a capital fundraising campaign for TBC designed to 1) eliminate existing debt, 2) ensure funds are available for future ministry endeavors and 3) establish a solid foundation for generations to come. Temple Baptist Church is building on a legacy that has been passed down for generations to advance the Gospel and strengthen future disciples and disciple-makers. 


Jason Alexander

Jason discusses the legacy of Temple Baptist Church. Jason also talks about how that legacy has created the church as it is today and how important it is for that legacy to continue.