Temple Baptist Church, Sullivan, Missouri

MRT Assistance

We provide assistance to individuals or families in our community with insufficient income or dire circumstances by helping with basic needs such as rent, utilities, and/or food. Situations which may warrant assistance include, but are not limited to, loss of employment, illness/disability, and loss of support due to separation, desertion, death, or domestic violence.

MRT assistance is a one time only assistance available to applicants in our community who meet the eligibility guidelines as determined by an initial screening.

Eligibility Criteria:

*Applicant(s) must be a resident of the Sullivan area to receive assistance.

*Applicant(s) must request assistance in person to qualify. Applications will not be taken electronically or over the phone.

*Applicant(s) must provide a valid state ID or driver’s license, a breakdown of monthly income and expenses, and the SSN of each individual living in the household.

*Applicant(s) seeking help with rent or utility assistance must bring the bill and it must be in their name.

*Applicant(s) must provide a signature giving permission to contact the police, utilities, landlords, or other officials to gather additional information.